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Molly Schmid
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  Camillias 9 x 12 Oil $ 
 Oranges 9 x 12 Oil $ 
 Lake Lafayette 18 x 24 $
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Molly Schmid brings to the world of art a fresh gift. Though raised in a home suffused with classical painting, music, and literature, her drive to paint emerged only with maturity. Though undoubtedly touched by the work of her father, the artist Richard Schmid, she steadfastly pursues her own style and outlook. Her work has been commissioned throughout the United States and Canada. She is represented by Giacobbe-Fritz, The Wendt Gallery, M Gallery of Fine Art and Astoria Fine Art. In addition, her work is part of the permanent collection of the State of Florida, as well as private, corporate, and museum collections. Her work has been featured in magazines such as American Art Collector, The Artist's Magazine, US Art and Art Talk.
A New Englander by birth, but a resident of Northern Florida, she excelled academically at Florida State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in Fine Art. Her emphasis is on classical, representational oil painting. Her subject matter includes portraiture, still life, landscapes and wildlife.

Underlying and guiding her focus on technical excellence, is a dedication to a personal self-expression of gratitude sincerely voiced in her attitude toward her life and work, “becoming an artist and mother has changed me profoundly. Everyday is a journey in which I am learning, growing, and changing. At my core, however, is a part of me that has not changed; that is my fascination with life and all it’s facets. I am blessed to live this life, doing what I love, surrounded by good friends and an amazing family.
Molly currently lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her young son, Ian. In addition to motherhood and painting she also acts as Executive Vice President for Stove Prairie Press, an independent publishing company founded by her father.
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